Website Development and Design
As websites are becoming more sophisticated, they not only need to look great, but also function well on both web browsers and mobile devices. We provide website programming for commercial and non-commercial clients. Usually a designer will design your site and we will program the code to make your website work. We can get you in touch with a designer and work with them to create a tailored website for your needs.

The process for of the website creation happens in three simple steps:

Step 1 Consultation Meeting:

The first step of the process is to contact us and set up a time to meet with you to go over what type of website you want and the goals of the website. If you have a web designer that you are working with, it would be good for him or her to join in on this meeting. If you do not have a web designer, we can provide one for you as part of the web development project. Once we have the basic blueprint of the website, we can have a designer start creating the website.


Step 2 Web designer creates the webite:

We will go over how many pages you need and you will need to provide all the content that will go onto the site such as pictures, pdf files, text, etc. Once we have the basic outline of what you want for a website, the designer will create a design look for your site. This will give you an opportunity to make changes to the design.


Step 3 Web Development:

Once you approve the design we will begin creating the programming side of the website. We will provide you with regular updates on the website and you will be able to see the work in progress hosted on our servers. This will also give you an opportunity to make changes to your site. Of course the site can always be teaked or updated.


Step Go Live!:

When the website is fully complete and has been reviewed by you and the changes have been made, it's time to go live! What that means is that your new site will be published on your domain for everyone to see.